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Hello my name is Will Blake and I am in my Sophmore year at The Hill School, a college prepatory school, in Pottstown, PA. I am looking for a college that has both an academically and athletically excellent program. 

I play right back and right wing, but I can easily adapt to any positon on the field because many coaches who have seen me play always say how I can read the game very well. I start right back for my highschool and I start either right back or right wing for my club team, Lehigh Valley. My club team, Lehigh Valley '96, are ranked 1st in Pennsylvania East, ranked 3rd in Region 1 and are ranked 7th in the nation. That sort of competition is what helps me to become a better player because our team works very hard to make sure that we are prepared for the next opponent we have to play.

In 2009 I was asked to go to the US Club Soccer Id2 National Identification Develepment Program. It was a week long camp and I had the chance to play with the best players in my age group and we were all coached by some top class coaches. It was an amazing experience and it really helped me to become a better player.

Although I am only 5' 11'' I am good at winning balls in the air and I go into tackles strong. A key aspect of my game is speed, I am very fast and I love running down the wing with the ball and crossing balls in to the box. I run a 50 yard dash in 6.9 seconds and I run the 200m dash in 23.6 seconds. 

I am looking for a very challening school both academically and athletically. I get along with everyone and I want to keep all my teammates motivated and in a good mood while on the field.                        Thanks for viewing my profile! Will Blake

Personal Statement

My personal soccer website link:

Hi, my name is Anne Backlund and I would like to introduce myself!  I am 17 years old and a Senior at Mayo HS (Rochester, MN, home of the world famous Mayo Clinic).  I play varsity soccer for Mayo HS.  I played on the JV team in 8th grade and have been on the  varsity team member since 9th grade.  I became a starter as a sophomore and  was named a co-captian my junior year.  I was captain again for my senior season. I was voted MVP for the 2012 season and also received the team "Will to Win" award.   I was named first team All-Conference and also selected as a Conference Scholar Athlete. We play in the Big 9 conference, in Section 1, the largest schools in Southern MN.  Our non-conference schedule includes many of the largest/highest ranked teams in the state from the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  I often get matched up against some of the best players in the state.   I attend one or more soccer camps with college coaches in the summer.  I also train in the winter and play indoor soccer league.  I am also a captain on our club team.  Our club team plays C1 (highest tier in the district) and competes against the top level teams in the state and region. We finished 3rd in the state. I was the 2nd leading scored on the team.    I have tried out for the MN 1995 ODP team two times and have made the team (top ~18) both times (1.5 hour one way trip for tryouts and practices). 

I am a very good student and take my education pretty seriously.  I am not 100% decided on my major, but it will likely be something like Pre-Law, Pre-Med, or Engineering/Computer Science.   While I am a good student, I do have a lot of friends that are important to me.  I am also involved in Ski Club (downhill), Link Crew (peer helper at HS), and Key Club.  I am a member of National Honor Society and participate in NHS community acitvities.  For example, I was a Salvation Army bell ringer over the holidays.

I also enjoy giving back to the soccer community.  I volunteered to be the head coach of a 4th grade girls rec team last spring.  I reached out to our club soccer President and asked how I could volunteer.  He pointed me towards the rec age group coordinator and that person assigned me to a team in need of a coach.   We worked it out so I could coach the 4th graders right before my club team practice on the same field.   I learned a lot about working with our club administration, parents, and the kids.   I plan to coach again this spring!  I also volunteered to be a player representative for a Club soccer competitive commitment meeting.  The committee was in the process of revising player commitment guidelines for traveling/club teams.   I was asked for my experiences and opinions on the new guidelines.

I plan to consider colleges that are a good match for me academically.   I am very passionate about soccer and if that works out also, that would be great!   I have a sister that is currently playing college soccer and she has successfully managed academics and soccer.   She loves it and I know I would also!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!



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