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Leadership, Team Building and Communications

When working to thrive in the business industry there are key factors to a successful production. While running a business the difference between a mediocre opertation and a top grade operation can lie in three crucial factors. Leadership, team building, and communications can make or break a business—determining prosperity. We will outline these business characteristics, and it is your job to implement them!


Most important, as the head of a company, operation, organization, or project—you must lead properly. Often leaders demand respect, and hand out orders, when in actuality your leader should garner respect and inspire creation. Some of the qualities a strong leader has are a strong vision for the company and passion. Although passion and an idea are not all it takes, your leader must also be persistent, honest, inspiration and fearless. Your leader should be an approachable figure, yet still brilliantly encouraging.

Team Building

Breaking up work, splitting tasks and collaborating is a great way to find success. The ideas of many people working together are logically going to be stronger than the ideas of a person working alone. For this reason, team building and establishing relationships are important. The only caveat, when establishing a team it is important to provide clear structure. Establishing roles and duties for team members will allow collaboration without overcrowding. No one likes to have his or her toes stepped on at work. Some other crucial factors to office team building are getting to know your team and providing feedback.


Speaking of feedback, office communications are the one of the three important factors for running the best possible business. Keeping lines of communication open between employees, clients, and supervisors will keep everyone on the same page. A company should be working toward the same end goal, the vision of the business, and since you are working together communication is key. Consider when something should be discussed, how it should be discussed and what actions need to be taken as a result. Some methods to keep in contact with office members are to establish weekly meetings, use technology, and stimulate discussion. This ties back into leadership and team building. In order to have strong communications, employees must feel encouraged to work together and explore different avenues for projects.

Implementing strong leadership, team building, and communications in a business can make all of the difference between success and failure. Keep these crucial factors in mind in your next business interaction.

During this unit I learned that teambuilding is a great aspect in structuring trust and accountably among individuals. Trust was only established when my team members allowed themselves to listen to each other’s comments/ideas. If we would have stayed our stubborn selves nothing would have been accomplished. Accountability was established when my team members accepted their roles and fulfilled their duties. This caused my team to recognize the power of peer pressure and responsibility we had to take part in positive conflict when teammates were not meeting the proper standards.
Trust and accountability were clearly shown when my team defied the Electric Window.   The Electric Window consisted of rope being tied around two high bar poles. The rope formed a skinny window like obstacle that brought a challenge upon my team. The rules were simple; we had to get every person over without touching the rope. This task wasn’t as easy as we had thought. At the beginning we had trouble getting the heaviest people over and we kept throwing different strategies at each other. We tried them all and after several days of hard work we finally found the one. During the activity my role in particular was a follower and leader. As a follower I listened to what others had to say and as a leader I contributed several of my ideas to the group and added on to other’s opinions. In my opinion, my group worked the best out of all three teams. We seemed to be most collaborative in the way we proposed our ideas and most importantly we didn’t cheat. We did indeed want to cheat, but at the end we decided not to take this unjust path. During the activity a bit of a rivalry went on between my team and the other one next to us. We were both minding each other’s business and yelling at each. We criticized one another; rudely telling each other about mistakes. Even though we should have been minding only on ourselves some good came from it. This unpleasant rivalry made us work harder because we...

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