No More Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay


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 Through All of Those for Nothing 

“STOP, put your penc! "o#n an" c!o$e your te$t boo%!et&' () you *a+e e+er ta%en a $tan"ar"e" te$t be)ore, you are a!! too )am!ar #t* t*$ p*ra$e- Mo$t, *a+e ta%en more t*an a )e#- .a$*nton Po$t )oun" t*at $tu"ent$ ta%e an a+erae o) 11 $tan"ar"e" te$t$ bet#een pre$c*oo! an" $enor year 23ayton, Stan"ar"e" Te$tn, .a$*nton Po$t4- So maybe more t*an  5u$t a )e#- T*ey are ta%en )or a +arety o) rea$on$, but t*ey a!! re+o!+e aroun" one oa! u"n $tu"ent$ an" t*er potenta! $ucce$$- Many are e+en u$e" )or a"m$$on to co!!ee- No co!!ee #ou!" #ant $omeone #t* ba" S8T, r*t9 () you "on:t $core ** on t*e 8;T you mu$t be unnte!!ent, r*t9 No- E+en t*ou* t*ey 5u"e $tu"ent rea"ne$$ an" te$t ta%n $%!!$, Stan"ar"e" te$t$ "o not accurate!y )oreca$t $tu"ent ac*e+ement- To be ab!e to $ee ) $tan"ar"e" te$t$ accurate!y pre"ct $tu"ent $ucce$$, t*ere mu$t )r$t  be $ome n$*t to #*at a $tan"ar"e" te$t rea!!y $- Per t*e !o$$ary o) e"ucaton re)orm “8 $tan"ar"e" te$t $ any )orm o) te$t t*at 214 re<ure$ a!! te$t ta%er$ to an$#er t*e $ame <ue$ton$, or a $e!ecton o) <ue$ton$ )rom common ban% o) <ue$ton$, n t*e $ame #ay, an" t*at 24 $ $core" n a “$tan"ar"' or con$$tent manner, #*c* ma%e$ t po$$b!e to compare t*e re!at+e  per)ormance o) n"+"ua! $tu"ent$ or roup$ o) $tu"ent$' 2=Stan"ar"e" Te$t >e)nton=4-

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Argument Against Standardized Testing

President Bush is promoting annual standardized testing for all students in grades three through eight. This bill is currently being considered in Congress, and has garnered much support. As of right now, 15 states test students in those grades, and more than 20 have high school exit exams, which look only at the test score of a student, not at his or her academic achievements.

Standardized testing is an unfair and inaccurate form of judging a person’s intellect. In many cases, people are either over- or underrepresented by their test scores, partly because America does not currently have the capabilities of fairly scoring the increasing number of tests. Additionally, many students…show more content…

In Minnesota, one error resulted in 8,000 students failing a basic math test that, in reality, they all passed. 48 students were denied diplomas because of this. In some cases, essay questions are scored by a person looking over the essay for only a few minutes. That is not enough time in which to fairly judge an essay. Some teachers will read essays for up to thirty minutes before grading it. Until the companies are fully staffed, they should not be responsible for the future of this country’s youth. These companies are already having problems, and if every school requires annual tests, they could very easily be overwhelmed, thus decreasing the quality and reliability of the tests even more.

President Bush would like to require all third through eighth grade students to take annual standardized tests which will represent not only the students, but also the teachers and the schools. If a teacher does not wish to be reprimanded, his or her students will all have to do well on the tests. In order to be sure that this happens, teachers will teach to the tests. They will focus not on creative writing, but rather on the type of writing that the test scorers will want to see. Instead of taking field trips, students will be practicing analogies and test taking skills. Literature will not be read intensively, but will instead be skimmed for the main

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