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and ho$ they are no$ regarded as one of the main areas of interest for every!ody, $ith musicals even designed for small children, (

The Lion King, Jungle Book)

" 4e have seen ho$ musicals have adapted even more so, $omen $ere no$ in musicals" Ethel Merman $as named the 1


 lady of musical theatre in the 19:67s" Then $e revise;The golden age<, in $hich $e learn of the 1


 !loc!uster musical, =lahoma" The opening of this musical sent the audience and the !o office into fren.y, as it $as so different, today, ho$ever, $e $ould !e used to this style of musical" 0roos Atinson $rote in

The New York Times

 that the sho$-s opening num!er changed the history of musical theatre> ;After a verse lie that, sung to a !uoyant melody, the !analities of the old musical stage !ecame intolera!le"? The sho$ ran for 2,212 performances and $as made into a hugely successful film" The t$o colla!orators created an etraordinary collection of some of musical theatre-s !est loved and most enduring classics, including



South Pacific


The King and  

 (191), and the ever popular,

The Sound of !usic

 (199)"4e also learn of the creation of some of the most successful musicals to ever !e created, including, 4est /ide /tory, ent, The importance of !eing Ernest, My fair Bady, ypsy, odspell, +air, Annie, The hantom of the =pera, Bes Misera!les, Evita, 0lood 0rothers, +airspray, rease and Cats"In the 21st century ho$ever, people seem to !e more interested in maing a profit, rather than creating a ne$ musical, $e no$ of the change in the industry, hence $hy  people may not $ant to go and see a ne$er, more current piece of theatre" More and more sho$s $ere !eginning to !e revived, including #iddler on the roof and /outh acific" Also, more and more producers $anted to try something ne$, yet still eep $ithin $hat people epected, so more and more films $ere !eginning to !e adapted for the stage, including some of the most $ell no$n musicals of our day, including The Color purple, 0illy Elliot and Begally 0londe" Also, $ell no$n literature $as  !eginning to !e made into musicals, including &racula and 4iced"Another trend $as to mae musicals !ased on songs that $ere already hits, the most common of these !eing Mamma MiaD This musical $as !ased on the songs of A00A,one of the !iggest selling groups of all time" This musical has also no$ !een adapted for film"The 2


 century $ill more than liely !e no$n as the revival age in years to come, asnot only $ere huge musicals revived, and !oos and films made into musicals, movie musicals $ere also re*invented, and !egan a ne$, huge $ave in musical theatre history, $ith some of the !iggest movie musicals smashing records" A lot of these films $ere !rought to life !y &isney, $ho are no$ regarded very highly for any moviemusical they mae% some of the !iggest of these !eing% the +igh /chool Musical saga,and Cinderella" This $as follo$ed !y a num!er of film successes !y other producers, including


 in 2662,

 Phantom of the "#era

 in 266@,


 in 266,



Sweene& Todd 

 in 2665, and

 !amma !ia'

 (266F)" =ther animated musicals and more adult animated musical films, lie

South Park( Bigger, Longer  *ncut 

 (1999), paved the $ay for the revival of the movie musical" In addition, India is producing numerous ?0olly$ood? film musicals, and Gapan is producing ?Anime? film musicals" In addition, this is paving a ne$ niche for musicians aiming to -!rea- the music industry"

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