Multimodal Essay Example

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a quickly understood and clear visual representation of information, such as through diagrams, timelines, flowcharts, maps, word clouds, graphs, tables, and so on.


Other infographics examples:

  • - a blog about infographics, loaded with great content
  • - countless examples resulting from search for "infographic"

Tools and Guidance

The most popular, and proven effective, organizational model is called L.A.T.C.H. (see

  • Location; organizing information based on space or place, such as a map
  • Alphabetical; if there’s no other prevailing strong organizational structure
  • Time; as in timelines, directions, or other sequential information
  • Category; types of information, like gender, music genre or product type
  • Hierarchy; as in tallest to shortest, most expensive to least, youngest to oldest

Sites to assist in creating infographics:

  • - a few templates, fairly customizable, requires login, free
  • - a few templates, requires login, basic features free
  • - a few templates, requires login, basic features free
  • - free diagram creator, many templates
  • - free diagram creator/editor, very customizable
  • - free timeline creator, with many cool features
  • - many shared templates, customizable, requires login, free
  • - pan and zoom canvas, requires login, basic features free
  • - word cloud generator

This page is designed to show new and experienced colleagues three possible models, methods, and approaches to multimodal composing: textual/hybrid; digital; and material.

For context, see Multimodality & Multimodal Composing in First Year Writing; Multimodal Composing: Claims & Implementation (2014) and Toward Some Shared Vocabulary and Assumptions: Literacy & Technology (2013).

Have a multimodal assignment and resulting student project — with their permission — that you’d like to contribute here? Please send them to Michael.

Hybrid—alphabetic text, visuals; multimodal essays; photo essays; exploring textual & typographic conventions

Digital: blogs, social media, audio, video, photo/audio essays; might include remix & remediation, typographic explorations

Multimodal Remix (Hermes)

Student Project:
“My Remix Project” (Walton)

Multimodal Essay

Student Project:
“What Does a Newspaper Sound Like?”


Material & evocative: 
may include print, digital, remix, remediation …

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