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Deadline: 10 December 2015

Are you a talented essay writer? Then take advantage of this unique essay writing competition by NinjaEssays! The NinjaEssays is currently accepting essay entries supporting writers and helping them to get the motivation they need. The purpose of this essay writing contest is to inspire writers from all around the world to showcase their creative and critical thinking skills. Students, writers, educators, and all other interested parties are welcomed to submit an entry.

By entering this writing contest, applicants will have a chance of winning prize up to US$500. The selected work will be published on the NinjaEssays blog and shared on social media profiles. Winner will also get recognition from exceptional academic writers.


  • Winner – $500
  • 2nd place – $300
  • 3rd place – $150

Essay Topics

Entry can be made on one of the following topics:

  1. Nationalism in Contemporary American Literature
  2. Is Homeschooling Inferior or Superior to Traditional Learning?
  3. Digital Language: The Effects of the Internet on Modern Literature
  4. College Dorms: An Inspiration or an Obstacle for Students’ Progress?
  5. Are Parents Supposed to Provide Financial Support to College Students?
  6. Is ‘Street Wisdom’ Necessary for Professional Success?
  7. African Writers: Diamonds of Contemporary Literature
  8. The Effects of Television Violence on Young Students
  9. Higher Education: a Privilege or a Right?

Essay Guidelines

  • Applicants can be students, writers or educators of any age from around the world.
  • Entry should be 800-1000 words long.
  • The contact information should be mentioned on a separate page.
  • Submit the essay in one of the following file types: Word (.doc, .rtf, .odt, and .docx).
  • Images can be added.
  • Applicants must not submit content that has been published before.
  • The essays must be written in English.

How to Apply

  • Applicants need to share the link to NinjaEssays website via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and submit their entry by sending an e-mail message.
  • The message should be entitled as “Essay Writing Contest”
  • Applicants must provide their name, age, and country in the body of the e-mail message.
  • The finalists will receive a notification via e-mail by December 15, 2015.

For more information, please visit Essay Competition 2016.

Liberty Institute Main Page | The Fountainhead Essay Contest


The Fountainhead Essay Contest

for High School Students In India

The Plan
The Road Ahead
The Budget
Support the Contest


    Over the past five decades, Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead has become a modern classic. Not only has it retained its popularity, it is perhaps one of the most intellectually stimulating books that inevitably leaves it mark on the reader.
    Therefore, the idea of conducting an essay contest as a way of introducing this powerful book to students in India had been with us for quite some time. Such a contest has been successfully organised by the Ayn Rand Institute in North America for well over a decade now. Finally, we decided to go ahead and organise such a contest for high school students in 1998. In the following year we mailed to over 1000 schools and junior colleges spread all over India.

The objectives of the contests are as follows.


  • To introduce a modern classic to students;
  • To provide incentives to study the ideas of Ayn Rand, one of the most powerful writers of this century;
  • To inculcate the virtue of independence and inquiry;
  • To identify students who are interested in the ideas of freedom;
  • To identify teachers and schools interested in promoting similar activities.

The Plan:

    There had been some sporadic attempts to organise similar contests in India in the past. With the aim of encouraging greater participation, we have decided to give as many prizes as possible. The first prize is Rs 5000/- and the total prizes come to over Rs 22,000/-. Three schools with the highest number of participants are also recognised, and given sets of Ayn Rand's books.
    To give the students maximum time to enable them find and read the book we announce the contest before the summer vacations in May. In view of the possibility that some students may not easily find a copy The Fountainhead, we have decided to make it available to school libraries at lowest possible price if requested.
    To further help the teachers encourage their students to participate, we also make available on demand copies of The Teacher's Guide to The Fountainhead, by Andrew Bernstein.
    Regular mailers are sent to the schools over a six-month period. Volunteers visit select schools in some cities to promote the contest and gauge the response of teachers and students.  The feedback of the volunteers has been quite positive. It helped in identifying teachers and schools that were particularly keen to encourage their students.

The Road Ahead

    The positive response from students and teachers suggest that the contest has in these two years been able to achieve the objectives. We hope to be able to expand the contest and make it a permanent feature of the annual school calendar here. We are also working to develop follow up activities for the students and teachers in the form of discussion groups, seminars, and residential camps. These will substantially help in consolidating the support base and go a long way in sustaining this contest in the coming years.
    We are also hoping to introduce a new contest for undergradute students based on the novel Atlas Shrugged.

The Budget:

Following is the approximate breakup of expenditure for conducting this essay contest in India.
Prizes                Rs      25,000
Postage             Rs      20,000
Printing              Rs      15,000
Stationary          Rs        5,000
Administration   Rs       15,000
Miscelleneous    Rs        5,000
Total                 Rs       85,00
For the various follow up activities, we need additional support.
Seminar                 Rs     15,000
Discussion group    Rs       5,000
Residential camp    Rs     75,000

Support the Contest:

So, far this effort has been supported by Liberty Institute and Mr.Vikram Bajaj. We welcome all help in terms of money, time as volunteer, and suggestions that will make the contest more effective. Donations to Liberty Institute are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Join us in this fulfilling endeavour.
Together we can help create a better tomorrow

Liberty Institute
96/10 Pushp Vihar I
New Delhi 110 017

Tel: 91-11-6512441 / 6528244 Fax: 91-11-6527868 / 6856992

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Liberty Institute Main Page | The Fountainhead Essay Contest

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