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Essay on Social Networking Sites: Beneficial to Society

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Social networking sites are great for society, promoting increased communication and connection between hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. While some people do argue that the dangers of online networking far outweigh the benefits, it is clear that this is not the case; rather it is the other way around. Online social networking can be broadly defined as any website or other type of online communication that allows people to interact with each other. Blogging, or keeping an online journal, first became popular in the late 1990’s. As blogging began to appeal to more and more people, pure social networking sites appeared. SixDegrees.com (1997-2001) was the first website that allowed users to create personal profiles…show more content…

Users may reconnect with old friends, and get to know people they have become acquainted with, but do not necessarily talk to often. Social networking sites also offer comfortability. Many people prefer talking to others online, as it helps them to overcome social anxiety. They do not have to deal with the stress of what others think of them (appearance, attitude, and facial expressions) not nearly like they would if they were talking face-to-face. Users can decide when they want to talk, and take more time considering what they will say. In addition they may choose to delete posts, where if they had said something in person they would have no way to take back a word. Creative expression can be taken to a whole new level online. Social networking sites provide free messaging, blogging, photo and video storage, games, and event invitations to their users. Unique displays of art, music, and writing can be found everywhere on these sites - no two profiles are exactly the same. They are a way to express yourself, and show the world how you really feel about life. Social media additionally helps kids from low-income families become more familiar with computers and technology. One study found that almost three quarters of these poorer children have profiles on Facebook or Myspace. Through the usage of social networking sites, they have learned how to edit and upload photos and videos, and also become

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Wireless network technology is the fastest rising sector of the communications market. An organization is adopting wireless networking technologies to address networking requirements in ever-increasing numbers (Whitman, ME & Mattord, HJ 2005). Wireless networks have demonstrated their ability to deliver increased productivity, convenience and freedom of movement to users and network installation flexibility to IT staff in organizations. As a result of wireless networks computer users have become more mobile. There is no need for users to be near the connection point to use internet (Solms, BV & Marais, E 2004). However, wireless technology also generates new threats and alters the existing information security risk…show more content…

All the people either in homes or in work places have access to computer. As the Internet and World Wide Web have burst into our culture and are replacing other media forms for people to get information, news weather sports and so forth. There is now the privilege for home users to share single internet connection between two or more computers. These computers are networked (Whitman, ME & Mattord, HJ 2005).

Generally there is some physical medium running among the computers for their mutual connection phone wire and coaxial cable. Recently hardware has been introduced with which home users’ network computers by the electrical wiring (Vacca, JR 2006). Instead wireless technology is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way for networking computers. Wireless antenna network cards can be used on computers to receive that signal to communicate back to the wireless access point. There are number of advantages of wireless network such as mobility, lesser installation speed and simplicity, reduced cost of ownership, scalability, improved productivity and so on (Shin, M, Ma, J, Mishra, A & Arbaugh, WA 2006). Devices like WLAN allow users to shift laptops inside their offices neither using wires nor the loss of network connectivity.
2. Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems

A wireless Intrusion detection system (WIDS) detects the events happening in the computer system and examines

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