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Operations Management

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Some of the Operations Management topics we can help on include:

 Location Strategies

Layout Strategy


Aggregate Scheduling

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Decision Theory


Linear Programming

  • Linear Optimization
  • Simplex
  • Transportation Models
  • Integer Programing

Waiting-Line models

  • Queues
  • Single-Channel and Multi-Channel models

Statistical Process Control



Few others include:

    * Logistics Management
    * Stochastic Inventory Model
    * Deterministic Inventory Model
    * Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    * Discrete Manufacturing
    * Inventory Management

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Operations is the process by which goods and services are produced. Earlier, production was used instead of operations but, due to an increased role of services, the term operations is now being used. Operations management is a decision making area which is related to ensure that business operations run smoothly with minimum of resources and maximum output.

Thus operations management includes both manufacturing operations and service operations. Both of them play a significant role today in business. Today, the chances of finding a 100% manufacturing company with 0% services is remote. But we can easily find an organization which offers both goods manufacturing and services.

Few articles written by our experts with Phd and Masters in Operations Management :

We can work with various software programs, such as POM - QM, The Management Scientist, Excel, Crystal Ball, Excel OM, LINDO, GAMS, Matlab, etc. The HWA team has highly qualified tutors with many years of industry experience. The team has helped a number of students pursuing education through regular and online universities, institutes or online Programs. 

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So why are some operations more productive than others?

Why are some operations more responsive than others?

To answer these questions we have to go inside the business processes that

make up for the operations.

This is the purpose of this module, process analysis.

In this module, we're going to introduce the three most important performance

measures of an operation, which are called flow rate,

also known as the throughput, inventory, and flow time.

To motivate these three performance measures and

get some intuition on how process analysis works, I would like you to join me

once again over to our local subway restaurant, and just see what's going on.

We'll make ourselves outside, comfortable outside the restaurant and we'll

just spend a couple of hours observing how people come in and out of the restaurant.

Now we're here to learn not to eat, and so I will not let you get inside

the restaurant, instead I will give you an assignment.

of the customers that have arrived.

That means if the first customer arrived after two minutes and

30 seconds, you're going to draw the first point here.

If the next customer came in a minute later, at three minutes 30,

the second person has arrived and

you're going to plot another data point over here.

So, step-by-step, you're going to draw the times of which customers arrive

The horizontal difference between our lines

is the amount of time the customer spent in the restroom.

We saw this was the first customer who arrived after roughly

30 seconds of observation time and then left after two minutes.

And then we see later on that some customers have a little longer wait.

So for example if you look here at the seventh customer, this person came in

around here and it took until here, until this person was leaving.

This suggests that there was beyond the activity times in the process potentially

a fair bit of waiting going on.

Now before we can do any process analysis we first have to define

what we want to analyze.

We defined the flow unit of the process as the atomic unit of analysis.

In this case we want to analyze the flow of customers.

Note that we could also analyze other things in the process, for example,

the flow of cheese, the flow of money, the flow of sandwiches, or other things.

The flow rate is the incoming and, or the graduating class, so

simply the number of students going through the process per year.

The processing time at least here at Wharton, it's a two year program, so

that's the time that the student spends at school.

The inventory time is the total number of students on campus in the first year and

in the second year.

And the flow rate is the amount of cars sold every year.

So flow time is the time from the beginning of the production to the time

that the vehicle is finally sold, and the inventory of the cars and the system.

Notice that only in the second and fourth case here,

my definition of inventory will be similar to the world of financial accounting.

In this case here, and in this case here or the service settings, these

are flow units that I would never show up on the balance sheet of an organization.

So inventory, the number of flow units in the system.

Flow rate, the number of flow units going through the system per unit of time.

And flow time, the amount of time it takes a flow unit to go

from the beginning of the process to the end.

I said at the beginning of this session that those are the most important

performance measures in any operations.

But why?

Who cares about inventory?

Now let me give you some reasons to care about inventory.

In the US economy alone, in a typical year,

we have about $1 trillion of inventory.

And that is just the manufacturing sector, because this is accounting inventory.

Now my colleagues in Economics Department,

they kind of like to ignore the supply-demand mismatches.

They take comfort in the notion of markets and

that prices will adjust once we have a mismatch between supply and demand.

However, if you are sick, and

you're sitting in an emergency department prices were not source of problem.

If you're hungry waiting for your lunch, this is not a matter of prices.

For this reason I argue that understanding inventory, flow rate, and

flow time are indeed the most important issues,

not just what we do in operations, what we do in management in general.

So, keep those three measures in mind when, next time,

you go through a process, be it as a tourist, as a person going for

lunch or when you have a chance to tour a factory.

And always look for the three things, flow rate, inventory, and flow time.

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