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Good writings always stay in good circulation, says Mayor

Chaste Telugu with trace of humourDraws readers' attention to a causeA book for every household

VIJAYAWADA: Speakers at the book release function of `Saakshi', a collection of essays authored by Panuganti Lakshminarasimha Rao, on Saturday underlined the need for keeping the book in every Telugu household for its chaste language and profound appeal. They said that 90 years have gone by and still Panuganti's writings were relevant to the present generation.

Gujjula Ravindra, long-serving Mayor of Altlandsberg, Germany, said that he was fortunate to have released the book of such a versatile writer like Panuganti. Presently on a visit to build cultural bridges between the German town and Vijayawada, Dr. Ravindra said that he never lost touch with his motherland and had a special love for Telugu language. `Sakshi' essays appealed to him so much that he kept going back to its pages ever since he got hold of the book a few days ago.

Social relevance

Dr. Ravindra read out a few lines from the book to emphasize how relevant the outstanding Telugu essayist's writings were in today's context. One among the many essays that appealed to him was the story of a young Brahmin worried over the move to encourage study and use of English language at the expense of local tongues. "I like the spirit of this language awareness. I will read all pages in the book," Dr. Ravindra said.

Avanigadda MLA Mandali Buddha Prasad, who presided over the function, said that at a time when poetry and novel writing appealed to the readers, Panuganti created a new interest with his thought-provoking, humorous prose.

At the same time, Panuganti's works contained a subtle comment on prevailing social evils which turned the attention of readers to the common cause.Mr. Prasad said that the Government should strengthen and encourage libraries by granting more funds so that books like `Saakshi' could get the promotion they deserved.

Mayor Tadi Sakuntala said that good writings would always stay in good circulation. She said that her counterpart from Germany had helped a lot in rebuilding many lives affected during tsunami two years ago. Joint Collector S. Suresh Kumar also spoke. New Students Book Centre proprietor B.Babji and others were present.

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