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repository is a separate storage area of the database that contains the datadescriptions.e.entity; enterprise data model – an enterprise data model depicts the highest levelentities in an organization, an entity represents the lower level objects is moredescriptive than an enterprise data warehouse; ERP system – a data warehouse is used an as integrated decisionsupport system whose content is derived from various databases in anorganization, an ERP system is a business management system that combines allfunctions of an organization into a single database application.

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Describe two ways to convert data into information

We can either convert data into information in the correct context, or summarize data ina graph, report or chart.

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List and briefly describe five categories of databases and give an example of each type1. Personal Databases: PDAs, Microsoft Access on a PC2. Workgroup Databases: Networked databases used by small groups3. Departmental/Divisional Databases: Networked databases that support informationneeds for medium sized groups (25-100 people)4. Enterprise Databases: A database whose scope and entities encompass the entireorganization’s business environment.5. Web Enabled Databases: Databases that support online transaction processing such asitem searches, item orders, shipping information, etc., which allow customers to servethemselves more efficiently and reduces marketing and customer support costs internally.

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Chris GrenardCS602Assignment #2

SRM 602Statistical Methods ISolution to Homework Assignment 41. The score on a physical-performance test for boys of junior high school age have been standardizedwith a mean of 175 and a standard deviation of 12 for the general population. In a large city school, arandom sample of 225 junior high school boys is tested. The sample mean is¯X= 173.6. Test the nullhypothesis that the mean performance score for the population of junior high school boys in this schoolsystem is 175 against the alternative that it is not 175 usingα=.05. Clearly identify the hypothesesyou are testing and report the value of the test statistic and the critical value that you would useto test these hypotheses. Be sure that you state your decision regarding the null hypothesis and theconclusion about the value ofμthat result from this decision.redSolution:Because we are testing that if there is any difference between the mean performance score for thepopulation of junior high school boys and that of the general population we will have a two sidedalternative:H0:μ= 175 versusHa:μ̸= 175.The problem is testing the mean of a population when the population standard deviation is known.So we useztest statistic.Zobs=¯x−μσ/√n=173.6−17512/√225=−1.75From table A the critical value at the level of.05 for a two sided test isz*= 1.96. As|Zobs|=|−1.75|= 1.75< z*we fail to reject the null hypothesis. This means that the mean performancescore for the school system is not significantly different from 175.2. We wish to investigate the shelf life of a particular carbonated beverage. Twenty cans are randomlyselected and their respective shelf lives measured. The following results were obtained ( in days):108138124163124159106134115139118125128109123136119104124128a) The company that manufactures the beverage claims the mean shelf life of their product exceeds120 days. Set up the appropriate hypothesis tests for investigating this claim.

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