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Ethical hacking, forensics and digital security

I once read somewhere that becoming a hacker is much like becoming a Jedi or a Sith. You have a choice to use your knowledge and power for good or evil. The responsibility implied in this statement has become more apparent to me this year whilst I have been studying computer networking. Computing is involved in everything we do, from helping us wake up in the morning to solving some of the most advanced problems in the world. I aim to be a part of that to make a positive contribution to the industry from a cyber-security front. While I have a strong knowledge of computing already there is still more I would like to learn. I am fascinated by computer systems but primarily with computer networking. For example protocols such as the OSI model and how much communication has to be made between two end devices just to send a simple text file or how a signal is transmitted and received. My passion however is in security, as this interests and challenges me even more. I have had a taste of this in my current course from ARP poisoning to Mac address flooding but I find myself eager to learn more as I research these attacks in my spare time, read about them in the news and even practice with them in the secure networking lab. In July I will gain my Cisco Certified Network Associate qualification, I have been working through the books and online resources, and to better manage my time I am enrolling in an evening class in February to continue and finish my qualification. Maths and problem solving are major elements of cyber-security and while this is already one of my many strengths, I felt I could improve my skills. Therefore I have employed a maths tutor to help better my understanding of mathematics. I have also applied for a voluntary position to work in the summer with NVT group, who have been privately contracted to do all of the networking for the Commonwealth games. Upon hearing that the company where offering limited places to students like myself I decided to apply and was delighted to be successful in my application. The work will involve installing all the equipment prior to the games, maintaining and fixing any issues during the games and then packing down after. I am looking forward to using the skills I have learnt for my college course in a real world setting. I will be required to do tasks such as configuring routers in a variable length subnet mask configuration, installing DHCP servers and much more. This is an amazing opportunity and will help improve my communication and team working skills. When I am not studying or at work I head out of the city to go mountain biking. I love the freedom and the adrenaline rush I get from pushing myself to go faster. Despite breaking bones, I still challenge myself to improve my skills. This year I have taken up Ninjutsu, it takes a lot of discipline and dedication to practice such an art, although I find it gives me focus and allows me to relax. As I have previously stated computing is involved in everything we do and we are continuously becoming more dependant on technology. With this, crime is turning more virtual and therefore ‘virtual jedis’ are in ever increasing demand. Your course will help me achieve my dream of becoming an accomplished professional.


Universities Applied to:

  • Glasgow Caledonian (Digital security, Forensics and ethical hacking (2nd year)) - Offer (A) Firm
  • Abertay (Ethical Hacking) - Offer (Pass)
  • Edinburgh Napier (Digital security and forensics (2nd year)) - Offer (B) Insurance

Grades Achieved:

  • Computing (Higher) - C
  • Information systems (Higher) - B
  • Computer Networking (HNC) - Predicted A

Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

Computer Forensics UCAS Personal Statement.
From a very young age I have had a very keen interest in computers, how they work and pretty much every other aspect within the computing industry.
My interest in computing has done nothing but grow from when I was about 10 years old, when my parents bought me my first computer.
They originally bought me a PC because they noticed that when I was first introduced to computers in the late 90’s when I was still in primary school, I all of a sudden took a very keen interest in them, and I was spending my lunchtimes in the classrooms playing with the systems, whilst all of my friends were outside playing sports etc. I then after a while started to ask for my own computer, and after about four months they decided to buy me one. My interest then grew even further.
I would spend hours playing around with every single aspect of it, but because of my age I wasn’t really knowledgeable enough to make full use of it. I spent most of the time playing games and browsing the internet. I then developed a keen interest in games, not just playing them, but how they worked, how they were created and designed etc. I then decided to start trawling the Internet for information on how this was possible. The first game I acquired was called Lego Racers. And I found out on the internet that it was possible to ‘modify’ the game in various ways. You could edit the design of the game, i.e. the Cars, and the terrain that the game had incorporated to race cars on. By the time I was about 11 Years old, I had almost completely re-vamped the game. I downloaded hundred of little modifications from the internet that I then applied to the game, by doing things like modifying the program files etc. Then unfortunately, my computer broke down, and I had lost about 4 years worth of work.
I think I would be suitable for the Computer Forensics Course in many ways.
Firstly, I am very well organised, and very meticulous in everything I do. In my opinion this would be of benefit to me on the course, for example, when writing code. When writing code, the writing does have to be quite literally perfect. If not, the code will either not work, or not work correctly. And so being very careful and having a good attention to detail are key to success.
I would truly love to have the opportunity to study this course at the University.
I have read through every single module that is to be studied on the course, and I am highly interested to learn and study them.
At college, I have been given a highly detailed explanation of Java and Java Programming, and I have learnt that it is implemented in so many different devices and environments. From Mobile Phones to Computers, Washing Machines to Digital Cameras, Java is used for so many things all over the world. And I would love to gain knowledge on this, because I find it such a fascinating thing, and the way it has so many uses in so many different environments.
I also have experience in Visual Basic, where as part of my course I have created a range of different programs, including a lottery game, a ‘Whack a Mole’ type game and a noughts and crosses game.
I have also programmed in PHP and Plain HTML. But my knowledge of these two will expand as I study them further.

I also have a very keen interest in the Ethical Hacking for Network Security Module. I find Hacking an incredibly interesting subject, and I would be privileged to learn of the various factors and constraints associated with hacking. As well as to learn how to do certain types of Hacking, to an extent.
I am also highly interested in a career in the Police force, which i believe this course could get me.
But overall, I cannot identify a single module on the entire course that I would not like to study; this is why I have chosen this course as I feel it best fits my personality, interests and abilities.
I am applying for University because I firstly want to expand my knowledge by studying a subject which I quite frankly love, and also because I want to have the best career prospects and knowledge for my chosen life style and career in a rapidly changing world. The world of IT is changing all the time, with new technology, new ways of doing things and the demand for IT specialists, I want to be able to perform in any given situation within my career, and I feel this course can give me that skill and attribute.
In my free time, I enjoy socialising with friends, playing football, playing Computer games, and coding.
In my experience, the basic skills that I have learnt by playing team sports and socialising could benefit me in many ways. I feel that football, for example demonstrates and good ability to work as a team and co-operate effectively with other people, in such a way that a moral objective is achieved. In football, the moral objective is to score a goal. I feel I would thrive on this course because I am good at working in a team, encouraging others to succeed in what they are doing and/or pursuing and keeping things organised. I also believe I am quite good at decision making, and deciding what has to be done, and when it has to be done.
For my work experience, I originally wanted to be placed in an IT-orientated workplace. But when the time to start looking came along, I couldn’t find a work placement anywhere that was willing to take me on, and the ones that I did find where simply too far away, so I was unable to get there. As an alternative, I decided to take a placement in my second main interest at the time, which was Mechanics. I did my work experience at Ripon Farm Services Ltd, based in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. I learnt various things, like how to perform repairs on Farm Machinery and Equipment, and how things work. This again reflects my interest in Computers, as I love to find out how things work, from how an Engine can power a vehicle, to how a few lines of code and make a program do complex tasks etc.
On a weekend I have a part-time job, at Sherburn Aero Club (
Within the Club House there is a Cafe’ and bar, this is where I Work.
I have worked there for approximately 2 years now, and this has helped me in many ways. As well as financially, it has aided my Maths skills, Communication skills and Multi-Tasking.
It has aided my maths skills because when I am operating the Till, instead of using the till as a calculator to work out how much change needs to be given, I instead work it out in my head, as I prefer to do this, and it is faster.
It has aided my Communication skills because I am always interacting with customers and starting conversations. By doing this and other things, I have managed to hold down my job for 2 years, and I have made myself a valued and useful member of the Team.
I have also learnt to multi task in such a way that I can manage multiple tasks at once. I have also developed this skill in my time at college as well, with having to complete a multitude of different assignments and tasks, all to specified deadlines and to a certain standard. I believe I can handle the stresses of this very well. This is also the Case with University work and Assignments I believe.

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