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I read an interesting article this morning by Nicholas Carlson at the Business Insider about Tristan Walker, a Stanford MBA student who sent a letter (eight letters, actually) to the founders of FourSquare to ask for a job. Ultimately, he got the job and is now their Vice President of Business Development. He didn’t use a boiler plate cover letter like so many job seekers do, showing why it makes sense to break the traditional mold of a one-size-fits-all approach to cover letter writing.

Hey Dennis and Naveen,

How’s it going? Hope all is well!

My name is Tristan Walker and Im a first year student (going into my
second year) at Stanford Business School (originally from New York).
Im a huge fan of what you both have built and excited about what you
guys have planned for FourSquare. It is an awesome , awesome service.

I would love to chat with you guys at some point, if you’re available,
about FourSquare. This year, I’m looking to help out and work
extremely hard for a startup with guys I can learn a ton from. Dennis,
with your experience at Google and the Dodgeball product, and Naveen,
with your experience at Sun and engineering in general, I know I could
learn a great deal from you both!

Before business school, I was an oil trader on Wall Street for about
two years and hated it! Moved out to the Bay/Stanford to pursue my
passion for entrepreneurship and the startup world. This past spring I
had the opportunity to work for Twitter as an intern and learned a
ton. Solidified my commitment to working at a startup that I’m
passionate about, and FourSquare is one of those startups that I
believe in.

I know you guys are probably getting inundated with internship-type
requests, but thought it’d be worth a shot! I can assure you Im humble
and Im hungry! Let me know if you’d be interested in chatting further.
I definitely look forward to hearing from you.

Stay awesome!

Obviously, Tristan’s a smart guy who would be a viable candidate for any job under the sun, but he did several of the key things that we preach to clients regarding the cover letter:


  • He knew his audience and tailored his message accordingly, stating why his background at Twitter would be a great fit at a start-up like FourSquare
  • He demonstrated his passion for working in a start-up culture and that he believed in FourSquare’s product.
  • He positioned himself as someone who was willing to learn and grow within the company, acknowledging the founders’ own specific backgrounds as an opportunity to expand his skill set.
  • He was persistent. It’s a fine line between persistent and annoying, but sometimes you do what you have to do to get noticed.
  • And finally, he asked for the job.


We can’t all have a Stanford MBA, Wall Street experience, and an internship at Twitter, but we can follow Tristan’s example and find better ways to connect with prospective employers.


Job-Winning Cold Cover Letter

Sample cold cover letter that effectively powers your job search. Use this type of cover letter when you are sending out your resume to network for possible employment opportunities.

Many job opportunities are found through networking, this type of approach to a job search has a higher success rate than other methods of finding a job.

Your cover letter should clearly state why you are interested in the company and what you can bring to the organization. Adapt this sample cover letter for your own use.

When you send a cover letter cold it is essential to have a specific contact person to address and send your email to. Go to the company website to find out the name of the relevant person.

Alternatively contact the company and find out the correct name and email address of the person you should send your email to.

For sample cold cover letters go here. Or use this cold cover email if you want to rather send an email.

Cold Contact Email

Subject Line: Introducing a Top Performing Customer Service Professional

Dear Mr Smith

As a Customer Service Specialist with a track record of achieving excellent results in the XYZ industry, I am enthusiastic about bringing my experience and expertise to your dynamic company.

ABC Company has opened 2 new branches in the last 18 months, significantly expanding your customer base. Some of the key capabilities that I can deliver to meet your increasing customer service needs include:

  • 8 years experience servicing a large, diverse and demanding customer base
  • consistent achievement of performance bench marks in all areas
  • efficient in-depth tracking, analyzing and processing of market-related data
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • a team player who achieves results through co-ordination with all stakeholders

As a hard working and results-driven customer service professional I am confident that I can make a positive contribution to ABC company. My resume is attached for your review and I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my qualifications and experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrew Candidate



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