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Freshman Common Reader

During summer orientation, students receive a common book which they are assigned to read. Students must also finish a writing assignment on the material they have read before they begin school. The book is incredibly important and sets the theme for many of the classes in the fall. The author of the book visits campus in September to give a free lecture.

Freshman Common Writing Experience

All students participating in Freshman Connections must complete the common writing experience. Prompts are found through Blackboard. Students are encouraged to take notes, brainstorm, and draft their work before submitting their final essay. Students are also expected to reference the Common Reader when writing their essay.

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum at Ball State is all about developing skills that every student should possess by the time they graduate. The Core Curriculum is about both individual growth and learning to work as a member of a community. When both of these roles are assumed, students become engaged and active members of society. Students will learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and pursue answers through thoughtful inquisition and research.

Writing Proficiency Program

All Ball State students in pursuit of their bachelor’s degree must fulfill a writing proficiency requirement. If a student opts to take the exam and bypass the course, they must pass within two tries. If a student fails, they will be required to pass the writing proficiency course.

Study Abroad

Ball State offers several different study abroad options, and credit is offered in most. This is especially helpful to students looking to graduate on time. There are five different types of study abroad programs that range in length, credits, and cost: international internships, direct enroll, exchanges, and study abroad consortia. Ball State also offers faculty-led study abroad trips, which are much shorter in length. This is a huge benefit to students that cannot afford to spend an entire semester abroad. 

Activities Offered

Campus Ministries X
Choral groups X
Concert band X
Dance X
Drama/theater X
International Student Organization X
Jazz band X
Literary magazine X
Marching band X
Model UN
Music ensembles X
Musical theater
Opera X
Pep band X
Radio station X
Student government X
Student newspaper X
Student-run film society X
Symphony orchestra X
Television station X

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is a unique characteristic of Ball State’s education. Faculty lead projects and programs that promote application of academic theories. Students are given the chance to apply their knowledge to real world situations and practice what they learn in the classroom. This approach to education has yielded great results, with nearly 1,500 immersive experiences being completed each year.

Christy Woods

Christy Woods serves as classroom for the students and members of the Ball State community. This outdoor teaching laboratory features a lush forest filled with several plant communities. Ball State has two greenhouses, an indoor classroom, and an outdoor interpretation area in Christy Woods.

The Learning Center

Students that need extra help with their coursework are welcome to stop by North Quad for free tutoring. Services include free tutoring in areas such as math, writing, and other general courses. Students also have access to online workshops and group exercises.

Supplemental Instruction

Ball State created Supplemental Instruction as a response to large lecture classes that turn out high fail/withdrawal rates. A student that needs Supplemental Instruction receives tutoring from a student that has already taken and passed the course. The experienced student is called an SI Leader. The SI leader is responsible for leading study sessions throughout the week, facilitating note taking, and increasing comprehension of the material.

Common Core

Arts/fine arts X
Computer literacy
English (including composition) X
Foreign languages
History X
Humanities X
Mathematics X
Sciences (biological or physical) X
Social science X

Class size breakdown

Size 2-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-99 100+ Total
Number of Classes279826928276146113552623


Admissions Fall 2015

22,147 Total Applicants 
13,399 Total Admissions 
3,503 Total Freshman Enrollment

60.50% of applicants admitted

Admissions Deadlines for 2016-17 Admission

Rolling Admission? No

Closing Date: 8/10
Priority Date: 3/1

Admissions Factors

Very Important
Rigor of secondary school record
Academic GPA
Standardized test scores

Application Essay
Extracurricular activities
Volunteer work
Work experience

Freshman Profile Fall 2015

25th Percentile 75th Percentile
SAT Critical Reading510600
SAT Math500590
SAT Writing490580
ACT Composite2024
ACT Math
ACT English
ACT Writing


Net Price Calculator


Expenses In-State Out-of-State
Total $9,498$25,016
Room and Board (on campus)$9,656$9,656
Estimated Total On Campus $19,154 $34,672


Financial Aid Breakdown 2014-2015

89% of full-time, first-time undergraduates awarded any financial aid
67% of full-time, first-time undergraduates awarded student loan aid

$10,754 Average amount of federal, state, local, or institutional grant aid awarded
$7,242 Average amount of student loan aid awarded to full-time, first-time undergraduates


3100 Hornbake Library
College Park, MD20742
(301) 314-7225

After two years of grad school, I wish my time at Maryland never ended. There are always things to do on campus: paid research studies, events at the STAMP, college football games in which Maryland loses to Ohio State by four touchdowns, college basketball games, people working out, rallies being held by SJWs, classes -- the list goes on. I thought the parking situation was outrageous. Here's a helpful tip: if you take night classes, you don't need a parking permit in many lots after 4 pm. The academics are top notch -- well, at least in the top half of the Big Ten. Maryland is a Top 100 school, in case you haven't heard. However, as I learned in undergrad, college rankings don't matter. It is possible to get a better education at Frostburg State than Maryland -- it all depends on how hard you apply yourself and your interests. The nightlife left a lot to be desired. There are six bars in ALL of College Park: B-Dubs, Cornerstone, Bentley's, Terrapin Turf, Looney's, and Town Hall. There weren't a ton of house parties, either. Although my wallet would strongly disagree, it makes more sense to risk your life taking the Metro into DC and going to U Street or Dupont. While I won't get into specifics about my program, I felt like they did everything they could to help me succeed as a professional. Instead of teaching hard skills, as many programs do, Maryland realizes that people in my field need soft skills too. I liked the emphasis on said soft skills and the de-emphasis on report writing. Yes, it's nice to know how to write, but writing isn't going to get you that promotion if you can't charm your colleagues. This school changed my life (and helped me lose 25 pounds in the process)!

Mostly quiet study and I think it's the best on campus. I'm a regular here, so I get pissed when it's busy from people I don't normally see. The bottom floor has larger tables for group study, it's a pretty nice spot. The bathroom on the first floor when you walk in is the most underrated bathroom on campus. It's always clean, no one in there, and looks brand new. Negatives are no water filling station and no food but that's given in a library. If you need water go towards the OMSE office.

Came to watch a rugby game. Nice weather and plenty of space on the field to pit up a chair and enjoy the game! Beware, there are lots that cost per hour and lots that offer free parking. Check with the team's home page to find out. A great way to spend the afternoon sports watching.

This place is awesome. I considered attending when I was looking into a master's program. The campus has grown since I moved to the area. A hotel is in the finishing stages. There is a lovely non denominational chapel on campus. You can see it from the road. The website lists game schedules and other activities. Bonus points for being down the street from Ledos pizza.

It's a large school. You are one of many. The staff know you don't matter. The security people could care less if they cause you to miss your meeting because they force you to park in a lot a mile away even though there are plenty of spots available. For the money, you can get a better quality education in numerous other places as well as a better life experience. The transsexual restrooms were weird. The women were unhappy to see me. I was unhappy to see them. I didn't even mention the crime in College Park. Your life isn't worth it.

One extra star is only for new facilities. Some construction and improvements are great. However it is a very loud, noisy and obnoxious environment. So many students behave awfully. Drunk, bad language, disrespectful. Many get in trouble and cause crime. Both campus and off campus is bad. Students get shot, bitten attempting to buy drugs... girls get sexually assalted . All because of irresponsible and stupid behavior. Security and police do a lot of great work! University can do more to educate their students!

Ive attended UMBC as well as CCBC and UMD is my favorite. Future mechanical engineer :)

I don't even know where to begin. I pay over $20,000 a year to an institution and they cut out cable for no reason. I've had a bad day and all I wanted was to watch Riverdale and the cable cut out. Come on Maryland do better.

I came here for grad school and I really did not enjoy my experience. I regret it so much. I turned down two quasi-ivy schools because they didn't offer me enough money. And I thought by going to Maryland I would be saving more. But, once I got here, I realized they were charging me as an "out of state student" the same as the other schools (which were private UChicago & NYU). Then, they offer these graduate assistantships that gives you in-state tuition and some tuition remission. But, the in-state tuition is still high if you compare it to other public state schools that are equally or better ranked than UMD (such as UGA, Indiana Univ, UTAustin, UNC) All these schools offer lower in-state tuition for graduate schools and are better ranked in my field. UMD also applies a differential for the policy school than other grad degree programs, which is unfair. The administration is also terrible. The academic advisor never helped and was fired the second year I was there. They have yet to replace him. When I've reached out to administration regarding my financial concerns (which continued throughout my 2 years there), they never replied to my emails and showed no empathy whatsoever. They could care less if you have enough money to finish their crappy program as long as they got some money from you. Smh Lastly, and probably the worst part of the grad school experience here, is that many of my classes were terrible. My program in particular has a high percentage of adjunct lecturers who are not qualified to teach at least not on the graduate level (they are just cheap to hire) and I learned nothing from the classes. However, I'm paying at least $3,000 per class. Where is my money going if you can't afford to hire better professors? It's robbery! I wasted so much money here by coming to this grad program. Truly one of my biggest regrets in my professional career. Also, the campus-life sucks at the school in my opinion and there is nothing to do in the College Park area. I don't see how people live here. I cried when I moved here for the first time. I thought I was being punked. I think if you're from Maryland and like remote areas to live, then living here may not be so bad.

So let's start off with the basics. UMD is a school, correct? So you would believe that UMD would focus it's attention on it's student right? To start off, UMD is a great place to put in the hard work to advance your future and make a change in the world. The entire environment of the school is great, even empowering. However, at this school, athletics are held higher and more important than education itself. A University where you pay a premium to park a mile away from campus just to get towed away and fined later that day because a basketball game (let me emphasis the key word - G A M E) is going on. Is this really how you treat your students? The fact there is not a single place to report concerns/complaints on the UMD DOTS website is absurd and the incessant tickets are ridiculous. UMD DOTS is probably the most awful group i've ever encountered in my life. You charge already broke students from the high cost of college with even more tickets? It's absolutely pathetic. Furthermore, There is a great attempt to recycle and sort your trash but watch out for the troll workers of the cafeteria because they are incredibly rude and will get in your face if you don't sort it correctly. I'll just add more on to this as times goes on. Y'all deserve it.

After leaving UMD try to visit as often as possible, however I live on the other side of the country and rarely get back these days. On a recent trip I came back to the campus and was shocked by the massive construction projects that have been completed and the ones still in the works. College Park has sure transformed to the point of being unrecognizable. The new buildings on campus are impressive and it was good stroll down Baltimore Ave for the Hell of it. RIP Cole Field House. Time is what you make of it, very thankful for my time at UMD.

Racist University. Total/Complete waste of time. All the school truly cares about is your money (aka Tuition) and how they can milk you dry. They could care less about your future and it's worse if you're a minority! They hire some really bad Professors. For instance: Alice Mignerey--she is never prepared and has no idea what she is teaching, Atkinson-- Community Health Professor; who talks about her mother and family 75% of each lecture, through out the semester, Dr. Daughters- Controlling Stress and Tension; her class is so stressful and makes you feel very tense. Trust me, you WILL be stressed out taking that course! Alot of the people in that office of Student Conduct, are as racist as they come, starting with Andrea Goodwin.

I'm going to preface this review by saying I'm a Terp snob. I received my undergrad from here and am currently working on my Master's here as well. So I am a loyal Terp and will not talk badly about my school lol. I don't live on campus so I can't really comment on campus life. The classes are reasonably sized and the staff that the university hires are usually top of the crop. I've had a couple of professors, usually one a year that have been absolutely terrible, but THANKFULLY most of them are not employed anymore. UMD really listens to the opinions of the students and I appreciate that. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a public ivy league university in the area and who has the qualifications for admittance. P.S. Watch out for the squirrels, they will chase you and try to eat your food.

I'm a Terp. I will forever be a Terp. I will sing thy praise forever throughout the land (alumnus know what I'm talking about). I am a tour guide and present the University of Maryland to prospective students every week. I see the looks on their faces as we walk across the glorious McKeldin Mall, or peak inside a state-of-the-art classroom. I am lucky to be a student here. I have a tremendous sense of pride in this school. From the nationally ranked programs to our endlessly gorgeous brick-building-green-grass campus, the University of Maryland will forever hold my heart in it's hands.

Nice and beautiful campus. If it weren't for family, I would think UM as my priority for PhD career. Now the decision hasn't been made, but UM is possible to be a road not taken. However, I would highly recommend its beautifully arranged place.

The campus is pretty except that they're doing all kinds of work with bulldozers and cranes and it kind of takes away from the beauty of the campus. My son has done very well this year but a few of his classes we're taught by grad students, not professors and for $42,000 a year I would think all of the classes would be taught by professors! They do not give anybody any money anytime unless you have a 4.4 of 4.5 cumulative average. Even after a year or two you will never ever get any money from this college so just be prepared that you're going to be paying for it 100% cash or loans. The campus seems safe so I never worried about that.

Bad, this place was bad administration DOES NOT HELP!!! They only care if you have money if you want student aid of any class they will say you don't qualify without even checking.

I loved every minute of my 4.5 years as an undergrad at College Park! Truly were the best years of my life (besides living in Fed Hill a few years later). I lived both in South Campus dorms (Cecil Hall all girls dorm) and the Commons (best apartment ever). Facilities are first-rate, both resident life and especially the vast, huge classrooms. The campus itself is gigantic and sprawling, and even has its own zip code. Walking from my dorm to classes could take 10 minutes or it could take 40 minutes if the class was on the other side of campus. The labs and classrooms were state-of-the-art, and SAT scores to get in have been consistently stellar for the last 15 years. I remember folks in my highly-rated high school who got into Ivy Leagues but did NOT get into UMD's Honors or Gemstone programs. I also know several who went to Towson or UMBC because they couldn't get into College Park but hey, those are great schools too (especially UMBC. Towson - not so much). Science classes were exceptionally hard; I was pre-med PHNB but then switched to English. The English department was delightful but also challenging in terms of curricula. The area around campus is a little sketchy, with regular muggings and car break-ins, but I was never targeted. Lots of local bars and hangout places, as well as the original Chipotle of Maryland. I miss the WaWa on Route 1 though!

It's funny, I went to Rutgers for my undergrad degree, so I'm a Scarlet Knight, but I always torn because the time I spent at UMD for grad school really, really makes me feel like I'm a Terp as well. Not only is this a GREAT school academically, but the campus is beautiful, it's located between DC and Baltimore (two of my favorite cities on the east coast), and there is so much to do it's hard to imagine anyone not loving this school. Like Rutgers, SOOOO much has changed on the UMD campus since I left, but everytime I go back I'm sucked in by its beauty. Getting into grad school here all those years ago wasn't the hard part (I did pretty well at Rutgers)...the hard part was waiting until about 10 days before school started to find out I had an assistantship-which meant WOO HOO, it hey were actually going to pay for my tuition and pay me to teach undergrads! Otherwise I'd still be paying off student loans I think. Seriously though, it was a great two years! Best of all, I met my future wife the day before school started...though, we actually couldn't stand each other when we first met. So much for love at first sight. Good thing one of us smartened up...

I'm an alumni of Maryland. Also both previous Football and Basketball Season Ticket Holder. So, I'm kind of biased to this campus. It's a quintessential East Coast college campus. Classical, beautiful and large. During school, parking is a mess. Good luck finding a spot and you will need to pay. Many new facilities have been built and adds to the already nice campus. Go Terps!

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