The Art Assignment Facebook Layouts

About Graphic Design

The BFA program is closely aligned with professional standards of excellence. With an emphasis on conceptual problem-solving and technical proficiency, students are encouraged to create effective artistic expression in various print and digital media. Experimental treatments of typography and illustration are expected from participants in this program. Graphic design theory, history and professional practices are discussed regularly with faculty. Assignments are designed to prepare students for the varied challenges and opportunities of professionals in visual communications.

The teaching goals of this area of study are accomplished through classroom/studio interaction with faculty. As a studio area interaction with peers in class is also a vital aspect of the learning process. Assignments are designed to develop creative thinking skills and to introduce a professional level of standards. Internships for credit are available at on and off campus locations where students may further develop their creative and technical skills in a collaborative professional environment. Exit portfolio reviews are provided by guest professionals for all graduating seniors. The biennial Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE) is a core feature of our program and students participate in the organization and presentation of this event.

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