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Alcohol Abuse Research Paper Writing – Focus Points

Alcohol abuse is a major social issue in most developed countries; governments spend a lot of time trying to change drinking behaviour through legislation, publicity and education. Such a prominent problem makes an obvious subject for a research paper. If you have to write a paper on the subject you might have a specific topic already assigned or you might need to choose one yourself. Either way there are a few points you need to focus on to make your paper a successful one.

What is alcohol abuse?

It's not the same as excessive drinking, although many people use the two interchangeably. "Excessive" drinking is largely a social idea and social standards change. Many historical figures drank amounts that would see them called alcoholics today. In the 17th century Royal Navy sailors were issued a gallon of beer a day because it was considered (probably correctly) healthier than water on long voyages; in 1655 this was replaced by a pint of strong rum. The daily rum ration was well over what is now recommended as the alcohol limit for a week, but together with daily mugs of lime juice was recommended as a cure for scurvy and a way of sterilizing dirty water. Alcohol abuse has a medical rather than a social meaning; it's a pattern of drinking that affects health, relationships or ability to work and it's defined in medical publications like the DSM-IV.

What are the consequences?

These can be broken down into categories. Here are the main ones:

Health. People who drink a moderate (actually rather large - up to half a bottle of wine a day) amount of alcohol are healthier than non-drinkers, but above this level alcohol starts to damage health and the consequences can become very serious. The more minor ones are sleep disorders and loss of sex drive; more serious ones include heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver and several varieties of cancer.

Social. People who abuse alcohol are more likely to commit antisocial behaviour such as getting into fights. They are also likely to have relationship issues, as heavy drinking often leads to arguments, sexual problems and a breakdown of trust.

Career. Alcohol abuse can affect punctuality and concentration, which have a negative effect on job prospects. Abusers are at a high risk of losing their driving license, which rules out many jobs. If employers become aware of problem drinking dismissal is possible, especially in jobs which require precision or involve machinery.

What are effective strategies for reducing alcohol abuse?

There are a number of strategies that can be investigated here. Some that have either been proposed or actually tried are as follows:

  • Minimum unit pricing - this is being investigated in the UK, mostly to counter the sale of very cheap alcohol by supermarkets.
  • Punitive taxation - This is a common option used in many countries. Often most of the cost of a bottle of non-premium spirits is tax.
  • Age restrictions - Almost all countries have laws restricting the minimum age for buying of consuming alcohol. These vary from 21 in the USA to 16 or even lower in Europe. What seems to be most effective?
  • Prohibition - This was tried in the USA. Did it have any benefits to compensate for the disastrous crime problems it caused, or was it simply a stupid idea?

If you cover all these focus points you should be able to write an interesting and effective research paper. There is plenty of information available, written from any viewpoint you need.

Writing a Good Alcohol Essay

There are various research topics that one can come up with regarding alcohol abuse. However, if you are not well conversant with the subject, you might experience a hard time to pick the right one. You do not want to waste a lot of time picking the topic before writing the essay on alcohol. There are various topics which you can easily understand and not only will they be interesting to you but your supervisor will also find them to be impressive.

You can get assistance from qualified experts who specialize in writing essays.  Expert guidance on writing these articles cannot be underestimated because they provide a lot of quality input. Moreover, they have a lot of experience in writing essays. Thus, they can deal with any topic no matter how complex it may appear.

Identifying the best writer to work on a research paper on alcoholism can be quite difficult. You need an individual who is capable of writing a well-researched article which is informative. The best option to get through this hurdle is to seek reference from acquaintances that may have a lead based on their past experiences. This source is quite reliable because friends can provide you with an honest opinion about the services and, therefore, you will rely on an already tested individual.

Alternatively, the internet can provide you with a list of highly rated writers in your area. You can evaluate their reviews and go through their sample papers to find the one who matches your requirements. Compare various prices of essay writing services. Choose the most affordable price, which also gives quality service.

Qualities of a good research paper on alcoholism

Alcohol abuse essay is no different from other essays. The essay must have the correct structure and format. Bearing in mind that the introduction and ending are vital, ensure that the drug abuse essay introduction and ending should be compelling enough to capture the attention of the reader. This is probably the best way to ensure that your essay on alcoholism will gain a high score.

Ensure that there is right grammar use in the essay and it is well punctuated. A top-grade research paper on alcoholism must have proper referencing formats and citation so that it is not plagiarized. Referencing is important because it indicates the extent of your research work.

A good alcohol abuse essay should for the most part highlight necessary talk points surrounding the topic. If you feel you still need assistance with your paper on alcoholism, keep on reading.

Hiring Proven Essay Help

A competent writer can observe any slight error in alcohol essay and make the necessary corrections. Therefore, you should search for an expert to get the needed essay help that will guarantee a good score.

When engaging a professional for assistance with your alcohol addiction essay, you should ensure that both of you agree on terms and conditions. These must be clear and understandable. They ensure that your work is completed and delivered on time.

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