Bas Assignments Unavailable

The Microsoft® SQL Server® instance that hosts the BlackBerry Configuration Database is using an SSL certificate that is larger than 4KB in size. Due to an issue in the database connectivity driver, the SSL handshake does not successfully complete due to the network frame for the handshake exceeding 1 frame, which is larger than 4KB in size.

During the login handshake between the Microsoft SQL Server and the BlackBerry Enterprise Service component with JDBC® 1.2, if the Microsoft SQL Server's login packet is split into more than one frame, JDBC 1.2 has a bug where it cannot understand the login request. The Microsoft SQL Server sends the login packet in 4KB size. Anything over that limit will be split into multiple frames.

Microsoft acknowledged this as their issue and provided a fix in JDBC 2.0.

JDBC 2.0 is not currently supported because JBoss® does not work well with JDBC 2.0.

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Using these general target areas, teachers create specific classroom objectives that are based on state/district standards and benchmarks. Well-written objectives are made up of three building blocks -- conditions, behavior, and criterion (see below). 

Figure 1. Building Blocks for Objectives.

The Conditions define the materials that will be available (or unavailable) when the objective is assessed.  It generally states what the student will be given or not given. Example conditions for objectives might include:

  • Without the use of a calculator...
  • Given a map of Europe...
  • Given twelve double-digit numbers...

The Behavior is a verb that describes an observable activity -- what the student will do. The behavior is generally stated as an action verb, such as: solve, compare, list, explain, evaluate, identify, define.

The Criterion (also referred to as Degree) is the standard that is used to measure whether or not the objective has been achieved. The criteria might be stated as a percentage (80% correct), a time limit (within five minutes), or another measure of mastery. For example, an objective might be "Given a list of twenty states (condition), the student will identify (behavior) at least fifteen of the corresponding state capitals (criteria)."

It is easy for teachers to construct appropriate assessments if they use observable and directly measurable objectives and learning outcomes.  For example, one of the benchmarks for the Florida Sunshine State Standards (grades 3-5, social studies) is: "Knows significant people and their contributions in the field of communication and technology."  To target this benchmark, the following objectives could be developed:

  1. Given the names of six inventors, students will be able to correctly match them to a specific contribution in communication and technology".
  2. Students will be able to compare the contributions of Thomas Edison with those of Bill Gates, listing at least two similarities and two differences.

After the objectives are written, it is relatively easy to create a corresponding assessment item.  For example, the first objective could be assessed with a matching exercise; the second with a short response essay question.


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