Mendeley Bibliography Doing It Wrong

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Mendeley is another one of the bibliographic managment software packages available freely.  Like EndNote and Zotero, it can be an extremely valuable tool when doing research and composing papers. The program stores your references, figures, and PDFs all in one place on your computer, which makes retrieving these items easy. Mendeley also works with Microsoft Word and Open Office to insert in-text citations and compose bibliographies with just a few mouse clicks. The social networking feature lets you interact with colleagues on research as well as see what other people in your field worldwide find interesting

The tabs along the top will guide you through using Mendeley:

  • This page tells you about Mendeley and what it has to offer as well as how to download it
  • Getting Started shows how to use Mendeley from creating a library to managing references
  • Mendeley & Word explains how to create citations and bibliographies in Word using Mendeley
  • Advanced Topics and Hints & Tips gives more in depth information on using Mendeley including settings and groups
  • Mendeley Help gives links to more help for using Mendeley
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