Cosmetology Hairstyles Pictures Assignment

Use the following guidelines to ensure your entries are processed without any delay. You may want to use this as a checklist as you are going through the process.

What is NAHA

The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is the industry's preeminent photographic beauty competition. NAHA honors the professional salon industry's most talented and cutting-edge artists in 15 distinct categories of excellence. NAHA is part of PBA Beauty Week and is owned, operated and managed by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). PBA Beauty Week is North America's largest, most inclusive beauty event, offering unlimited networking, education and professional growth opportunities to all sectors of the beauty industry. PBA Beauty Week is produced by PBA and hosted by Cosmoprof North America.


Entrants must be currently licensed cosmetologists and/or barbers currently residing in Canada, the United States, or Mexico. Exceptions are for Student, Nail and Make-Up categories ONLY.  The Student Hairstylist of the Year category is restricted to those students CURRENTLY enrolled in cosmetology school or performing required hours in a salon as of December 1, 2017.  Make-Up Artist of the Year is open to all licensed professionals and makeup artists. Nail Professional of the Year is open to all licensed cosmetologists and nail technicians.

Release Form

By entering NAHA, the entrant ensures that the photographer(s), models and all other parties involved in the production of each entry have authorized said entry. The entry system requires a signed release form to be uploaded to each entry and all parties involved must sign each release form. You are required to use PBA's release form. The use of Model Agency Release Forms or Photographer Release Forms will not be accepted.

Each category requires its own separate form. Forms can be found under each category below.

Image Specifications

  • Images no larger than 8MB
  • All image files must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Resolution of at least 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)
  • No smaller than 8" x 10"
  • TIFFS, Bitmaps, PDFs, etc. will not be accepte.

Photo Usage Rules

If you are a finalist, NAHA submissions may not be entered into any regional or national, photography-based competition until the results of 2018 North American Hairstylist Awards are announced at the awards ceremony on July 29, 2018. This rule will be enforced with the maximum punishment being disqualification.

You may use images from the same photo shoot but the exact image must be unique*. Images used for commercial purposes digital or print (advertisements, posters, packaging, promotion, etc.), can hinder the blind judging process and may cause you to be disqualified.

*Cropping, converting to black and white or sepia tones, or reversing/flipping the image DOES NOT constitute as a noticeably different image and would still be considered for disqualification.

Artists will be credited when images are used. NAHA and PBA obtain the right to use, edit and modify any submitted images as NAHA or PBA determine in their discretion as appropriate in support of NAHA and PBA, including advertising, promotion or publicity associated with NAHA and PBA. Any photo used for advertising or additional purposes by PBA or NAHA will include a photo credit including the entrant's name.

Multiple Entries

You may enter the same collection of images into as many categories as you would like, with the following exceptions:

1. Salon Team of the Year Images cannot be entered into any other category just as any other non-team category cannot be entered into Salon Team of the Year.
2. Master Hairstylist of the Year Images cannot be utilized in any other NAHA category.
3. Hairstylist of the Year Images cannot be utilized in any other NAHA category.
4. Texture Images cannot be utilized in Styling and Finishing and vice versa.

In addition, you may enter into any other category as many times as you like, however, you can only be a finalist once in a single category. If you enter the same category, each entry must contain different images. You may use the same models for each entry, however the images submitted must be noticeably different* for each entry.

*Cropping, converting to black and white or sepia tones, or reversing/flipping the image DOES NOT constitute as a noticeably different image.

Unedited Images

Unedited images should be the same as your "final" images, directly from your photographer, but with no photo retouching, editing or manipulations. You will be directed to upload your unedited images along with the final images once in the entry system. Unedited images are used for judging purposes ONLY and will NOT be published or released by PBA in any way.

Hairpieces, Wigs, Extensions, etc.

There is no penalty for the use of wigs, extensions or other such hairpieces however full wigs are prohibited in the Men's Hairstylist of the Year and Haircolor categories.


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What's green, glittery and held in place by nearly an entire can of hair spray?

The Whoville Hairdos, made by cosmetology students at the Carroll County Career and Technology Center, are even more elaborate than in previous years. Students decorated mannequins' hairstyles to resemble those worn by Whoville characters in the movie and book, "Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas."

On Wednesday, the students were working hard on the annual holiday project, which instructor Wendy Litchfield first assigned in 2012. Teachers and salon industry professionals have been invited to judge the work on Friday, when the students will receive their grades and winners will be picked.

"They just used a ton of imagination and creativity. Every year, I see something different," Litchfield said. "If they ever want to work at the Hippodrome [Theatre in Baltimore] or places like that, they're going to want more eccentric hairdos."

The students began working on their projects Dec. 3 and watched "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey, for inspiration.

Litchfield said while other assignments have restrictions such as only using bobby pins or hair spray, the Whoville Hairdos project allows students the chance to create any look they want using whatever material they want.

"It's something fun to do around the holidays," she said. "This is the only thing they can go wild with. We've got so much to teach them in such a small amount of time."

Materials such as garland and glitter lined the tables of the cosmetology classroom Wednesday.

"Every year, we probably spend $100 just in glitter," Litchfield said. "I've had students ask, 'Can we do this at Halloween and Easter time?' but we only have so much money for glitter."

Glitter was a favorite embellishment among the students.

Kristina Bailey used it on her hairdo, which also included braids, garland and a "Ho-Ho-Ho" sign.

"I let my creativity show," she said. "I came up with different ideas. I'm really into braids, so I incorporated some braids in there. I'm a glitter fanatic, so I had to add glitter. I'm a very outgoing person, so I had to make it as festive as possible."

Destiny Dorsey also used glitter on her creation: a green Grinch who wears his own set of fake lashes.

"Apparently, I'm the first one to ever do the Grinch," Dorsey said. "I thought it would be a no-brainer."

Some students opted to design their hairdos to resemble popular Christmas staples.

Summer Altman styled the hair on her mannequin into a glittery Santa hat.

"I wanted to do something original for Christmas and unique for Whoville," Altman said. "I looked up some past pictures, and no one did a Santa hat, so I decided I was going to do a Santa hat."

Amanda Morris coiffed her mannequin's mane into a Christmas tree equipped with lights.

"I watched the movie with my dad, and we were putting up our tree while watching it, so that gave me the idea," Morris said. "A lot of people did Christmas trees, but nobody did lights so I took it up a notch and got them for a dollar. I thought a Whovian would do that."

The students will keep working on their assignments until Friday afternoon, when their parents can come view the hairdos and judges will choose the winners.

Teachers and stylists will judge the hairdos, and winners will receive prizes donated by beauty suppliers.

"All the teachers in the school look forward to judging it because it's fun," Litchfield said.

Reach Sarah Hainesworth at 410-857-7873 or email

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